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Delicious Links for November 25, 2009

Ars Technica – Opposable Thumbs: The first-party bloggers who connect devs and gamers
Michael Thompson at Ars Technica takes a look at the in-house bloggers for three of the biggest names in gaming — EA, Microsoft and Sony — to see what their jobs really entail and how they got there. It’s more than a worthwhile read.
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Delicious Links for Apr 14, 2009

Criterion Collection DVDs
Speaking of Criterion Collection box covers, here is the full catalog of DVD covers on the Criterion Collection website.
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iGoogle Gaming Themes
Google presents a set of official themes for iGoogle that feature art from a wide range of videogames.
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The GAF Collection Collected
The Criterion Collection inspired set of videogame box covers has been saved, resized and collected on one page for easy reference.
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“The GAF Collection” – Weekend Photoshop Thread – NeoGAF
There’s been an interest recent surge of interpreting videogame box covers (and movie posters) in a style inspired by iconic design schemata from other media, like books (e.g. Penguin), movies or earlier eras in videogames. In this collection, gaffers take inspiration from covers of the acclaimed Criterion Collection. Possibly inspired by this post from WellMedicated:
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