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Seattle, WA. September 2016.

I was far too lax about posting these photos from the most recent time I was in Seattle. There is so much to love about this city.

Seen, Read 2015

One of my favorite film directors, Steven Soderbergh, has been cataloging the movies, TV shows, and plays he has watched, along with the books and short stories he has read, over the period of a year and then publishing the list every year since 2009.

Inspired by both the data tracking and resulting visualization, I started tracking what I watched and read throughout the year. I posted my own Seen, Read 2014 last year and I’ve continued keeping track since then.

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NHL After Dark

The skills on display in GoPro’s current NHL After Dark series amazing. I could watch a hundred videos of things like this, but alas there will only be eleven by the time this year’s video series has concluded.

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Sydney, Australia. November 1, 2015.