PT (Do you need it?)

PT (Do you need it?)

After a long, Xbox 360-inspired hiatus I logged back into my normal FFXI character, Arne, just to see what was going on and what was new on the server and on my linkshell, Chocobolicious.

I was shocked to find that in the two months I’ve been gone some prices have skyrocketed. I didn’t check too many things, but once I noticed one thing was off, I started checking things I buy and sell often. It was crazy, things doubled or nearly doubled in price. The positive side is something I make and sell for profit on my server at a very high profit margin just went up 78% in the Jeuno AH.

I didn’t know what to do so I hopped on an airship to Windurst to level my Dark Knight past 11. I’m working to get it to at least 25 as a specialized sub for my main class, Red Mage, which is currently at 50. After much muling and buying ingredients for making Pamama au Lait I headed out to Tahrongi Canyon to slowly level up.

Akbaba mob from Final Fantasy XI FFXII was out there for a while and then saw a Summoner and a Red Mage from the same linkshell battling together against an Akbaba. I just watched them finish their battle and then started to run off to find something else (and easier) to level up on. A few seconds later I got a string of Japanese which included the phrase “PT” and a question mark. Using the sometimes inaccurate auto-translate function I let them know I wanted to be in the party, but that I didn’t speak any Japanese. As many FFXI players know, that is usually followed by silence or a misunderstanding that you don’t want to be in their party. This time around Hiroge and Ericia invited me. Even though I wanted to go to bed soon, I was happy to be able to go through kills quicker even with some minor EXP loss.

Dark Knight Dark Harvest weapon skill from Final Fantasy XI FFXIThings went pretty well and we were fighting nearly non-stop. We all tried to work past the language barrier, I even got a flattering comment (“arn, good hunting^^”) in English once. After about an hour, they both levelled up and we called it a night not long thereafter, which was good, I needed to go to bed. When we stopped I was about 800 EXP short until the next level. The next night I logged in and zoomed past those 800 to hit level 12. It might be a while before I go back to work on getting to 13.