XABY Radio 5 – Christmas Wishes

XABY Radio 5 – Christmas Wishes

After three weeks of getting up early for naught, I finally was able to wake up and record a podcast.

Since you’re back for more, you’ll find that this episode of the XABY Radio podcast, Nayan, Josh, Eric, Segata and I discuss our recent game purchases, what we’re playing and we discuss interesting Christmas and/or gift giving stories, to keep with the holiday season.

We also talked at length about Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, although I remained largely silent for that entire conversation because I haven’t ever played either of those games. Although with Chrono Trigger out on the Nintendo DS, I will definitely be playing some of that game in the near future. I also talk a bit about my recent near-completion of the Mirror’s Edge campaign. Since the podcast was recorded, I finished Mirror’s Edge and, after I try out a few of the time trial and speedrun levels, I know I have quite a bit more to say about the game. I just needed some more time to ruminate about it and I didn’t finish the game before the podcast like I had wanted to.

Don’t forget to listen nearly all the way to the end where I talk about my dad taking out pimps (in Grand Theft Auto III).

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