Katamari Damacy flash

Since the Katamari Damacy website went down on March 17, this no longer exists. Very, very sad.

Thanks to GAF, yet again, is my enjoyment of the Katamari Damacy mini-game (Flash based).

Slightly more addicting than is safe for a day at work I’m sure. I’m sure I would have done better if I stopped accidentally clicking the mouse every 30 seconds and shaking off all my collected objects to have to start from scratch.

Screenshot courtesy of Xrenity.


You like them or you dislike them or you certainly have way too much time on your hands.

When I first heard about them as part of my job here, I thought it was a pretty cool idea but I still didn’t have a clue what it would be like. I even thought that people would be looking each other up and comparing each others achievements and getting a handle at how good (or bad) other folks on Xbox Live were.

I must have been really short-sighted to not realize that people would be competing for comparing Gamerscores and of course, a leaderboard has popped up too.

I’m not quite that competitive with Gamerscores at least, but I really like checking out what people have accomplished in their games. This is especially true since, at the moment, I’m really not good at getting secret achievements that aren’t specifically part of the game or story (like Kameo) or some downer achievement like the losses in DOA4. I also avoid reading the walk-throughs for games just to get achievements. Although I’m now eternally frustrated that I think I missed a mining point in Gun and I’m one away from getting the “Professional Prospector” achievement.

Anyway, what’s my point? Oh, even though I do my best to avoid spoilers, I like the fact that there are sites, like Xbox360Achievements and Achieve360Points out there to catalog them. That’s a pretty nice thing to have as reference.

Tons of shoes and half-yearly sales

Over on GAF, Incognito posed a question for the ages: “Are the MS consoles the “Nordstroms” [sic] of gaming?

Many people far more qualified at making these opinions offered up their thoughts. Sadly, I had only one thought, which of course I posted on the thread:

Would it be really ironic that I’m currently typing this out of the old Nordstrom’s corporate headquarters building?

And so all goes full circle.

Valentione’s Day

Charm Wand +1 in Final Fantasy XI FFXI

I keep forgetting about those special themed holiday events in games. I forgot about the Christmas/Winter event in FFXI even. But it didn’t seem to be that much of a big deal, it’s usually fun to participate and sometimes (like for Halloween) there are some rewards that are totally worth it.

This time in FFXI, Valentione’s Day, creeped up on me. Although I frankly have little motivation to do anything that requires a time investment, I will do it. I won’t hate it, I just don’t think I can easily find that kind of time in my life before the event runs out.

I definitely want one of the items though.

What color are you?

Nintendo DS Lite in ice blue

Nintendo announced the colorways which will be available for the Nintendo DS Lite at launch (in Japan at least). Except for white I think these are pretty bold color choices for a handheld at launch.

Based on this, I updated my planned purchases list as Ice Blue is going to be my first choice, especially since it almost matches the color of my car. How sad… ha ha.

ps. No pink? For shame.