Photos: Copenhagen, Denmark. May 2015.

Portraits: London, UK. 2015

Photos: London, UK. February 2015.

Amazing breakdown of The Watchmen by Kieron Gillen

I can’t believe I didn’t run across this when first posted. This is an amazing, passionate breakdown of The Watchmen comics by Kieron Gillen, no comics slouch himself by any means. It’s filled with such a great analysis of the symbolism, statements on comics formalism, and other topics by the comic series that the video has single-handedly made me want to read the comics again and watch the film again.

For all that is good in the world, WATCH IT NOW:

Kieron Gillen Talks Watchmen from Tomfoolery Ltd on Vimeo.

Jamie XX (ft Romy) – Loud Places

The recent release of “Loud Places” increases my anticipation for Jamie XX’s full length, In Colour. This track, featuring vocals by fellow XX member Romy, is the closest, yet best, thing next to a new track from The XX.