Official PlayStation Magazine editor chooses Xbox 360 for home console

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Over at Evil Avatar (via Digg), some intrepid readers have found a post on Offical Playstation Magazine (OPM) editor Dana Jongewaard’s personal blog where she discusses which of the next generation consoles will grace her living room this year. Her choice is the Xbox 360 and the reason is very simple, it’s all about the high cost of entry for the $600 version of the PLAYSTATION 3.

Dana Jongewaard writes:

“Contrary to popular belief, editors of the Official PlayStation Magazine don’t get free hardware for their own personal use. So I’ve been having an ongoing debate with myself about the PS3 since E3. After Kaz announced that the price would be $600, I found my enthusiasm sagging…

$600 might be worth it if there were several huge titles on the near horizon that were PS3-exclusive. But for the first year at least, there are very few big titles that are PS3 exclusive. GTA4 and Assassins will be available for the 360 at the same time. And most of the big guns–FFXIII, MGS4–won’t be hitting for quite some time after the launch…”

$600 is a lot of money, especially when I can get what–for me at least–will be a very similar experience for $400. I would like to own a PS3, and I hope that the price drops soon so I can consider it.

In the comments of her post, Jongewaard follows up by saying that she will have access to a PS3 at work and will be playing games on it — it is only her financial situation and the high cost of the PS3 combined which prevent her from having the PS3 as own personal hardware this year. I’m sure that having a console at the office eases the pain a little bit, but it’s still something Jongewaard admits “is a luxury that most gamers do not have.”